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Colloquium and a Prospectus May 16, 2005

Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized.

Well, my departmental colloq went really well. Mostly attended by the first-years (who are required to show up) and a couple of more advanced folks. Some good questions, and a little theoretical wanking.

Having finished re-typing the lost thesis proposal, I went back and read it. Oy. What the heck was I thinking? Taking a good seven or eight months away from it and then having to prep the departmental talk really helped me to clear my head about what exactly I’m planning to do. It does, of course, mean that I’m starting over on writing the proposal, but half of my problem is that I think I was getting lost in the minutiae of the project rather than drawing the broad brushstrokes, which is what I should be doing.

So now I’m off to do that.



1. trine - June 22, 2005

either it took you a very long time to do, or you must have forgotten all about this blog! πŸ˜‰

hpoe research is going well. I have submitted my Dphil proposal and am waiting to hear from the univeristy. scary.
btw –
it’s my anniversary today, one year of blogging. wow.–>

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