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Progress, 9/5/06 September 5, 2006

Posted by Sarah in progress.

Got more holes filled in today, particularly in my description of blogs and the structure of the blogosphere. It’s remarkably hard to pin down the relative popularity of various services/site. For the purposes of the proposal, I’m using the list from this summer’s Pew report as my “unit of description”.

I’m at a point at the moment where I need to step back a little bit and think about how best to approach the remaining holes. I’ve promised Bob that I’ll have a preliminary draft (one that will certainly still have substantial holes, but I don’t mind him seeing holey writing) to him by Thursday, and I’m going to hold myself to that. Holes that remain:

  • Theory. This would seem big, but it’s all floating around in my head, it just needs to find its way onto paper in a semi-coherent form. And it’s not by any stretch the bulk of the lit review – that’s under the heading “History” and is nearly complete.
  • Introduction. I hate introductions. Right now it consists of my elevator summary of the project plus the research questions. Needs to be made marginally coherent.
  • Mobile telephony – part of my section on (non-blog) ICTs and public/private. Must find the “mobile telephony” folder and pull some articles to cite.
  • Sub-intro to the “Proposed Study” section. Kind of a summary of everything that’s come before it.
  • Analysis of my explanation of the issues of public and private in personal blogs. I can crib a lot of this from old presentations.
  • Conclusion. How important is this really. “So that’s what I want to do. Will you just let me go and do it, already?”

I’ve also printed out a copy of what I have right now, because I’ve been so focused on particular sections of it that I have no idea how it’s flowing as one document. My suspicion is that it’s simply not, so there will be some transitions to be written. But that’s the kind of thing that can be left for later, after Bob has looked at what I’ve got so far.

Word count: 5995 — Page count: 21



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