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Two quotes from Alan Wolfe September 6, 2006

Posted by Sarah in quotations.

“Boundaries are the stuff of sociology, and in modern societies no boundary seems quite as important, yet quite as porous and ambiguous, as the one between private and public. Modern individuals require both a realm of private self-expression and intimacy buffered from the larger world of politics and a sense of belonging to a larger community that expresses obligations to all its members, even if they are strangers” (187-188).

“We cannot take care of our public business without recognizing that we have private selves, and we cannot appreciate a private self unless we understand ourselves as public creatures” (188).

Both from:

Public and Private in Theory and Practice: Some Implications on an Uncertain Boundary. IN Jeff Weintraub & Krishan Kumar Public and Private in Thought and Practice: Perspectives on a Grand Dichotomy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1997).



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