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How very … quaint! January 19, 2007

Posted by Sarah in personal.

I was just running around the library picking up some materials to look at both for my dissertation and for the abstract that Mark and I are working on.  One of the items I wanted was Sidney Aronson’s 1971 article “The Sociology of the Telephone” (International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 12(3), 153-167).  This article isn’t available online; Canisius does have the journal in bound periodicals.  Since it can’t leave the library, I had to photocopy it.  Not only did I have to photocopy it, I had to do it single-sided, since the machine that has duplex capabilities was non-functional.

It had been quite a long time since I’d made a single-sided copy of a journal article.  The Internet has spoiled me.



1. Karen Mc Cullagh - January 24, 2007

You have my sympathy….photocopying makes your arms ache…..how did people live without internet????

2. Karen Mc Cullagh - January 24, 2007

Hi Sarah,

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, England (www.ccsr.ac.uk/staff/km.htm/). I found your details on the student biographies of the Berkman/OII Student Doctoral Program. Your research sounds very interesting…Good luck with the blogger survey – I have just completed one myself (so I know how hard it is to design a good survey!). I’m happy to pass on hints and tips from my experience….if it is any good to you.

I’m considering applying to the Berkman/OII Summer Doctoral program this year and wonder if you’d recommend attending? Did you find it useful?


3. Sarah - January 24, 2007

Karen, OII was an AWESOME experience for me. I do recommend it – it really helped me a lot to be around other Internet Studies folks, which I just don’t get in my home (sociology) department.

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