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Moving right along… February 23, 2007

Posted by Sarah in reflections.

No, not with my dissertation.  I’m actually referring to Internet Studies more generally.  When I was at OII SDP (Summer 2004), one of the topics that came up time and time again was the quesiton if Internet Studies as a “legitimate discipline” – along with questions of what makes a discipline, whether or not we even care, etc.

I would argue that if we want Internet Studies to be recognized as a “legitimate discipline” we simply have GOT to move beyond the descriptive.  For years, I would to go AoIR and to CITASA sessions at the ASAs and most of the work would be descriptive – little to no analysis, next to nothing about how the argument could be extended beyond the Internet.  I have been forced by a skeptical advisor to make these connections all along, so perhaps I’m more sensitive to it than others.  That said…

We  have got to move beyond the descriptive if we want to be taken seriously as an academic field.



1. David Brake - February 25, 2007

I know what you mean, but AoIR is not the only place Internet-related scholarship is unveiled. And there is a range of depths and complexities among the papers submitted – they range after all between Masters-level work and work by senior academics.

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