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Verbing Web 2.0 June 14, 2007

Posted by Sarah in internet, reflections.

I was chatting with Jeremy this morning and we were talking about the verbs associated with Web 2.0.  Well, really, I was thinking aloud and he was being skeptical.  I wondered if it’s more proper to say you “tweeted” something or “twittered” it.  This is of course related to the canonical Google:  “Go google it.”

Twitter:  tweet, or twitter (?). “I just twittered it.”
: Flickr.  “I’ll Flickr that picture for you later.”
Blogs: Blog
Digg: digg
reddit: ??
del.icio.us:  ??
YouTube: ??

What others can we add to this list?  Or is it just another example of my own linguistic idiosyncracies?



1. snowclones - June 29, 2007

Okay, I’m addressing past tense only here.

twitter: I think “twittered” is most common, but I’ve heard “tweeted” too.

digg: I’ve seen “dugg.”

del.icio.us: My husband and I say “del.icio.us(-)ed“.

Flickr: Flickrd, Flickred, Flickrized.

YouTube: I think I’ve only seen “posted to YouTube,” but I don’t really use it–I only watch things on it–so that changes my exposure to such things.

2. annthelibrarian - June 29, 2007

Most of my coworkers use FURL instead of del.icio.us, and now “FURL” is used a lot as a verb around these parts.

3. kelsied - June 29, 2007

livejournaled and blogged. 🙂

4. lauredhel - July 1, 2007

If a link to a blog post of mine is placed on a high-traffic/popular blog, I might say that I’ve been “Pandagonned” or “Kossed”.

Then there are the variations on “slashdotted”, when a website becomes unreachable under the load after a link to it is posted on slashdot. These tend to take the form “FOOdotted”.

5. Devi - July 3, 2007

I’ve definitely used YouTube as a verb, with all the same tenses as the infamous “Google.”

Livejournaled, journaled, posted… those are all legit. Other websites have popularized/created verbs: ‘fug’ from Go Fug Yourself (popularized), ‘postsecret’ from PostSecret (created). Pretty much anything with a title that’s recognizable can be verbed.

Other internet verbs include (of course) “wanking” in terms of making a big drama-filled deal out of little things, and its smaller, lesser-used cousin the “kerfluffle”. There are more, but I’m not sure if you’re looking for those at all.

6. Jacob - July 15, 2007

“Friended” and “defriended,” on MySpace, Facebook, etc. Constantly. On Livejournal, as well, come to think of it. Less common: references to “Top 8.”

7. Michelle - July 18, 2007

there’s also “photoshop” for any picture editing, and I personally tend to use “IMDB it” when I’m going to look up any movie information.

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