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Session: Space & Place October 20, 2007

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This was my session! Mark’s and my paper (Space and Place: New Playgrounds of 21st Century Life) was paired with papers by Jakob Linaa Jensen on virtual tourism and a paper by Homero Gil de Zuniga about geoidentity and new vs. traditional media.

Virtual Tourism

Jakob is considering issues of space in relation to travel & tourism, looking at dualism Travel communities, he finds, deal with spatial ambiguities. He wants to ask if the Internet can substitute for physical space. He’s doing this using VirtualTourist, which is a travel community centered physical spaces – maps, about travel in the physical world. Travelers are visiting the site for four things: information, representation, networking, and identity building. Travelers use the site to create new social spaces as well as to facilitate exploration of new physical spaces.

How a Sense of Place Motivates Participation

Homero Gil de Zuniga talked about how varying forms of geo-identity influences political participation, with a model that went

geoID -> media use -> EU orientations -> political participation

He found that geo-identity (local, national (Spanish), European) predicts media use (new or traditional), and that media use in turn influences political behavior (voting in Spanish and/or EU elections). So ultimately, MAYBE what we’re seeing is that a person’s geo-identity is explaining political behavior.

Space and Place: The New Playgrounds of 21st Century Life

This was our paper, of course. So I don’t have notes on the presentation, since I was giving it. But I do have the questions that I was asked. Issues that were raised about our paper (and most of the questions were directed to my section of it, probably because I was the one who was there!):

  • One person wondered if I am conflating technology & genre, which is something I’m going to think about as I move into the ethnographic portion of my research.
  • Another commenter (an LJ user himself) reminded me to think about negotiations of public and private as a PROCESS that every person goes through – access restrictions on posts are not necessarily set just at the time of the initial writing, bloggers can change their minds about things over time.
  • David Brake suggested that publci and private are changing along 3 axes:
    1. definitional changes
    2. attitudinal changes
    3. actual changes
  • He also asked to what extent the pseudonymity employed by wordpress and blogger users works, and wondered about how effectively people are actually using the access tools that the software systems provide to them.

David actually has a chapter of his dissertation that I need to read – he’s also working on personal bloggers.



1. Maximus - December 20, 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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