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Bumping up my numbers… November 2, 2007

Posted by Sarah in Public and Private in the Blogosphere.
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My survey has been in the field for several months now (four and a bit, to be precise).  At the moment, I’m sitting at a very lopsided response rate in terms of the blogging service that my respondents are using – we’re talking 75% LiveJournal users, 7% Blogger/Blogspot users, 5% WordPress users, 3.2% “other” users (which includes a lot of people who use multiple services, and many of them reference LJ in their comments), and 2ish% Xanga, WordPress.com, MovableType/Typepad, and MySpace users.

So… if you have suggestions for how to bump up participation from other services, I’d love to hear them; I am not above spamming all sorts of places to get more responses.  And if you’re a blogger using another service, I’d love to hear from you!

For those who are curious about more numbers, 1460 people have begun the survey and 808 have completed it (and my committee was concerned about me having a big enough n!) for a 55.3% response rate so far.  I need to figure out what exactly SurveyMonkey considers “completed”, though, because on the order of 890 people have answered the closing questions on the last page of the survey.  (In any case, I feel save in saying that 800 < n > 900.)



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