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Interesting… September 3, 2008

Posted by Sarah in progress.

I am in the process of recruiting participants for the second phase of my data collection – a six-month participant observation.  I’m recruiting people from three groups: big public (public blogs with large numbers of readers), small public (public blogs with small numbers of readers), and private (blogs that are access-restricted in some way).  Until this afternoon, my positive response rate from people in the “private” group had been substantially higher than in any other group, which really seemed kind of odd to me.  Right now my rates are looking like this:

Big Public
Contacted:  13
54% yes; 31% no; 15% ignoring me.

Small Public
Contacted: 17
47% yes, 24% no, 29% ignoring me.*

43% yes, 7% no, 50% ignoring me.*

So the people who keep friends-locked LiveJournals are just ignoring me (assuming I’m a spammer, I presume), but if they answer me, they generally say yes.  The “big public” folks are most likely to say both yes and no (neither of these is surprising – they are already accustomed to a big reading public, so what’s one more but also many of them are very busy with their blogging lives so taking on another commitment, no matter how small, is unlikely); the small public folks are kind of in the middle.

The really interesting thing is that until the set of invites I sent out today, the private folks were far and away the most likely to say yes.

*These are going to skew high right now, as I just sent out a whole batch of invitations to these folks this morning.

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