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The possible demise of Livejournal and what it means to me… January 7, 2009

Posted by Sarah in bloggers&blogging, progress.
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LiveJournal announced yesterday that they have cut a significant proportion (20%) of their US workforce (marketingvox story) and there has been much hand-wringing of the “where do we go from here?” sort amongst my LiveJournal friends.

For my personal blogging… I like LJ for the security features it provides, and some of what I post there probably would just never get written in any “public” forum if I didn’t have those features.  But for my personal blogging, I can live without it.  I can connect with friends on Facebook, I can blog here and at my hobby blog and at my kid’s blog and I can turn what has been my media consumption blog / personal website into the personal blog.  No big deal for me.  (I have archived my five years of LJ postings, though… I would hate to lose all of that.)

The dissertation, on the other hand…  65% of my dissertation participants use LiveJournal.  If LJ stops existing, I will have to figure out what to do.  Either I go with the three months of observational data that I have already (instead of six) or I will follow those folks to any new services they migrate to.  Either way, it will be something to talk to those LJ users about when the time comes for interviews!  Yesterday I was in a total panic about it; today I’m a bit more zen.  I have the data, so all will not be lost even if the service disappears at the end of the week like some of the doom and gloom folks were predicting yesterday.



1. David Brake - January 7, 2009

There is no indication yet that LJ is shutting down rather than just slimming down but just in case… What’s the easiest way to archive my existing postings?

And I wouldn’t worry too much – three months worth of data sounds like it could be enough.

PS Since LJ is open source aren’t there some open source LJ-equivalents you could move to? I suppose you’d need everyone you know to migrate there too…

2. Sarah - January 7, 2009

I have used SiteSucker in the past, and yesterday I used the LJ Migrate tool described here on my own. I know PC users have been using LJArchive with good results.

A lot of people seem to be preparing to migrate to InsaneJournal – it has many of the same content controls & features and it’s where the fandom community has migrated in the past when they have had conflict with LJ over questionable content.

I can’t very well dictate where people relocate their personal blogs just for the sake of my research, so IF LJ goes under, I will either follow folks or I will call the amount of data I have good. I really WANT 6 months of observational data, but I could make it work with three if push came to shove.

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