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What is this thing? November 1, 2012

Posted by Sarah in progress.
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Another year, another post coming shortly after the AoIR conference.

Which was amazing, as always. I presented what will become Chapter 3 of the dissertation (how social media users define & engage with the concepts of public and private) and got really stimulating questions and comments. Not to mention the rest of the conference, which filled up my head to the very brim.

And now I’m home again AND it’s Academic Writing Month (Twitter #acwrimo) this month so I have something to do with all those thoughts rolling around in my head. I have 5 goals for this month:

  1. Get & keep my 5-day moving average score on my metric above 100.
  2. Tuesdays & Thursdays are for research, not teaching.
  3. Complete draft of Chapter 3.
  4. Flesh out my forthcoming Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media paper into Chapter 4 (it’s about 2/3 complete in its current state).
  5. Start writing Chapter 5.

I’ll post about it on Twitter (over there in the sidebar) more than I will here. But I will bry to keep things updated here as well.



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