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You’d think they would know better… November 12, 2007

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As I was working on a fellowship application, it occurred to me that an agency offering dissertation fellowships ought to know that a graduate student’s work history I don’t think that I’m alone in this… If we go CHRONOLOGICALLY, my work history since starting grad school goes like this:

  • AY1999-2000: TA
  • Summer 2000: Departmental Lackey / Con Ed Instructor
  • AY 2000-2001: TA
    • (Winter 2001: Con Ed Instructor)
  • Summer 2001: Con Ed Instructor
  • Fall 2001: TA
  • Spring 2002: Teaching Associate
  • Summer 2002: Con Ed Instructor
  • AY 2002-2003: TA
  • Summer 2003 & AY 2003-2004: Rose Fellow
  • Summer 2004: Temp (I don’t even put this in my employment history)
  • Fall 2004: Medical Leave/Departmental Lackey
  • Spring 2005: Teaching Associate
  • Fall 2005: Unemployed
  • Spring & Summer 2006; Summer & Fall 2007:Β  Adjunct Prof.

I’m not alone in this, am I? I can’t be… And so ordering my employment by position and then wanting simple dates is just a major pain in the rear.

And let’s not get into applications that break out employment and teaching, and whose applications don’t make any sense for those of us who are in adjunct hell.Β  Ah well… the application is done & there ain’t anything that can be done about it now.