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Academically Star-Struck December 7, 2007

Posted by Sarah in personal.
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A while back I contacted one of the major theorists upon whose work I’m basing my dissertation to request the text of a keynote speech he had given.  He wrote back quite quickly and promised the book chapter that the speech was based on (still in manuscript form) soon.  We bounced e-mails back and forth a bit and I hadn’t thought much about it in probably a month.  Got another e-mail from him yesterday saying he didn’t want to keep me waiting and included not only the text of the chapter we had discussed previously but also drafts of numerous other things he’s working on, and welcomes my comments, corrections, and suggestions on them all.

WELCOMES MY SUGGESTIONS!  As if!  (OK, probably he’s just being polite – but he certainly didn’t have to do a core dump of work-in-progress on me!)  Though, as Trine points out, perhaps I’ll know I’m ready to submit when I am finding holes in his work.